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Remembrance Day Act assessment tool

Remembrance Day is a unique holiday in Nova Scotia. It has its own legislation, the Remembrance Day Act, to ensure we pay tribute to those who have been, and continue to be, ready to sacrifice themselves to protect our rights and freedoms.

The Remembrance Day Act sets rules on how some businesses or organizations can operate on November 11, including what types of businesses and organizations may open, and when holiday pay applies for employees who work on that day. The Act also exempts certain businesses from the rules altogether. These rules differ in many ways from the rules that apply to other statutory holidays in Nova Scotia.

This tool helps you determine how the Act’s rules apply to you, your business or organization, and your employees. A series of Yes/No questions will guide you to an explanation of how the Act applies to your circumstances. Throughout the tool, we have provided definitions of certain business classifications and information from the Act to assist you in answering the questions.

If you come to the end of these questions and do not fall within one of the exceptions of the Act, your business or organization must remain closed.

Some additional clarification on business classifications is provided throughout the tool, as well as at the end.